An interdisciplinary program about Invention, Creativity, and Entrepreneurial culture for Educational Centres



What will they learn in the 12 experiments in this box?

1.How to fall: Learn from your mistakes.
2.Small is big: Even the biggest problems have a weak point.
3. Be Yourself: Shield your self-esteem and be proud of yourself
4. My manifesto: Don’t ever forget your own principles
5. A new sport: Turn it up a notch to something established.
6. Take distance: Take a step away to understand things in their totality.
7. A new instrument: Place the correct relevance on money.
8.People need you: Think about who needs something the most.
9.Deconstruct: Understand how things work
10.Make it simple: Simplify
11.Hack tech: Everything can be improved
12.Light me up: Simplify the uses of technology

And … How will they do it?

Every box contains a detailed instruction manual that is more than 60 pages long.

- The experiments start with an explanation of the concept with video instruction.
- The students will be shown the way that a famous inventor thinks.
- Every experiment comes with a soundtrack in order to make the experiment more real: Frank Sinatra, Bach, John Williams, Lady Gaga....
- With the music playing, the students will carry out the experiment with the materials contained in the box.
- Once an experiment is finished, you can see the closing video of each concept with the CEO and founder of the MIBA, Pep Torres.

- Bonus track: We have added the story of a prominent figure – who does not have any reason to be an inventor – who exemplifies the concept. We recommend that you read this in class after all activities are done.

Learn how to fall like a skydiver after learning the story of the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner James Dyson while Henry Mancini is playing in the background. This is something you will find in this Box.


The education proposal ‘The Inventor’s Box’ contributes to the development of the following general goals of the Secondary School System as well as arouses an entrepreneurial and active spirit as a way of life.

- Understand that scientific knowledge is a fundamental kind of knowledge which is structured into diverse fields of studies. Get to know and apply scientific methods in order to identify and solve one’s own problems of any kind and make decisions.

- Develop an entrepreneurial spirit and confidence, participation, critical reasoning, personal initiative and the ability to learn to learn, to plan and to take on responsibilities.

Both activities give an answer in the fields of social sciences, geography, history and technology.

In line with the integral spirit of the education system, the elements in the box and the methodologies of the proposed experiments are directly related to the development of basic proficiencies.

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