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We are not like anybody else

Let us tell you four anecdotes...

One day, we saw that some tourists were not coming in because they didn’t have enough time to visit the museum; we decided to charge some evenings in terms of time spent, like a parking lot, we became the first museum in the world which charged for the visit in terms of time spent..

We like music so much that many visitors stay in the evenings to listen to the music that sounds in the museum. They constantly ask us for a playlist of the music in the MIBA.

Our office is in plain sight to all visitors, similar to a kitchen in a modern restaurant. Since everybody stays to watch us while we work, we have sign up asking people not to throw peanuts at us.

We have a vending machine where everything is free. All you have to do is pedal off the amount of calories from the product you want to buy by using the bicycle that is connected to the machine.
This is Pep Torres’ invention, which was considered by TIME magazine as one of the best inventions of 2009.

We are not like anybody else, because everything is yet to be invented.

The MIBA is a place that is filled with optimism so that you will begin to believe in your dreams again and fight to make them true.

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